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Blue Growth

İZMİR as The Centre of Attraction of the Mediterranean.
2014 - 2023 REGIONAL PLAN
yenilik ve girişimcilik

İzmir, the largest city in the Aegean Region in terms of both population and foreign trade, hosts 22 different ports with its coastal and coastal interaction areas. İzmir conducts 75% of its export of about 15 billion dollars by sea transportation. As İzmir Development Agency, we aim to lead blue growth by evaluating this superior characteristic of our region in a perspective that will contribute to the sustainable growth of the city, especially through the development of maritime transport and port management.

In line with this goal, we are focusing on the coastal economy, and we are working on the development of maritime transportation and port management, sustainable growth of maritime and maritime sectors, production of value-added products through design, development of creative industries and increasing economic diversity on the coast.

Provided Supports

We prepare regional plans based on the principal of participation, compatible with national development plan and provide technical and financial support to the projects and activities for the implementation of these plans.

68 Tourism Focused Project
57M TL Financial Support

İzmir City Branding

İzmir Kent Markalaşması

In 2012, a visual identity study for İzmir was conducted in order to carry out our promotional activities with a holistic approach. As a result of this study, an İzmir logo was designed in the form of Nazar beads, which symbolizes the gulf, sea, sky and sun of İzmir and urban outdoor applications and printed promotions were prepared in order to spread the logo usage. İzmir logo, tourism brochures, photographs and maps produced within the scope of our city marketing strategies was introduced to the people of İzmir on

visitizmir.org as well as to those who want to get to know İzmir through our website. In 2016, the Visit Izmir City Portal and social media accounts were launched to strengthen our publicity efforts on digital platforms and to guide both local and foreign tourists during their stay in İzmir. Our online promotion activities continue through these digital media channels.

İzmir Kent Markalaşması

Russian Tourists Visit İzmir

Prior to the St. Petersburg - İzmir SunExpress direct flights that started in May 2019, a group of Russian tour operators and tourism agencies came to Izmir to get to know the touristic values of Izmir and the surrounding area...


From Doha to İzmir

Before the start of the Qatar Airlines direct flights between İzmir and Doha, we hosted tourism writers from Japan, India, Australia, China and Qatar in İzmir


Israel Delegation Tours İzmir

Before the Turkish Airlines Tel Aviv - Izmir direct flights that started at the end of May 2019, a delegation of 14 people including Israeli tour operators and travel agencies visited İzmir for three days.


Think Up Culture Meeting

The subject of the creative industries was discussed thoroughly at the Think Up Culture meeting which was held in Izmir for the first time in Turkey.