You Are Invited to Discuss the Economics of Creativity!

You Are Invited to Discuss the Economics of Creativity!

The year 2021 is declared the “International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development” by the United Nations Development and Investment Organization (UNCTAD).

We have been witnessing the transformative effects of industrialization on human history for more than two centuries, and we live on this fundamental dynamic axis. Today, while machines come to the fore in production, we discuss and reconcept the position, meaning, and form of human labor. Here, the concept of “creative industries” emerges as a concept that describes the new form of human labor in this new phase of industrialization.

It is necessary to grasp the importance of creative industries that feed on innovation and creativity for inclusive and sustainable growth.

Hence, we will be discussing the findings of the “Analysis Of The Creative Industries in Turkey at NUTS – 2 Regions Level: Focus On İzmir” report we published, which is the first structural economic analysis in this field as well as entrepreneurship in creative industries, the UK as a model country with its policymaking and implementation dimension in the creative industries, and Liverpool as a case example of good practice at our webinar “The Economics of Creativity: Creative Industries Matter” to be held on March 18th, 2021 at 11:00.

You are invited to discuss the economics of creativity.

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* The language of the event is Turkish, simultaneous translation will be available in English.