Knowledge Generation

Various research and analysis studies are carried out in order to determine the structure of the region and its economic, social, cultural and spatial dynamics effectively.

Both the preparation process of the İzmir Regional Plan for 2014-2023 and the implementation period after, have been carried out in cooperation with universities and other specialized institutions.


Green Transformation and Blue Opportunities Perspective for İzmir

This report has been prepared in order to determine and analyze how ready and willing the companies in the textile sector in Izmir are for the green transformation process, and to provide a guide to the companies by raising awareness on this issue.


İzmir Aliağa Ship Recycling Sector Analysis

İzmir Aliağa Ship Recycling Sector Analysis aimed to analyse the value-creating activities in this industry branch, as one of the sectors that make up İzmir’s blue economy, and to define the steps that will increase the contribution of the sector to İzmir’s economy.

Peninsula Sustainable Development Strategy

The peninsula including the western districts Urla, Karaburun, Çeşme, Seferihisar and Güzelbahçe contains important values in terms of olive and vineyard culture, unique agricultural patterns and seafood variety. The aim of this study is to determine the economic, social and cultural values of the region with the contributions of the locals and to generate new project ideas for the sustainable development of these values.

Aquaculture Sector Strategy

The sectoral development strategy for İzmir, wich has a 584 km Aegean coastline and various other water resources within its borders, is determined on this study.

İzmir Cultural Economy Inventory and Development Strategy

A comprehensive data research, compilation, evaluation, analysis and strategy development study conducted for the cultural development in İzmir.


İzmir Local Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Strategy Document

The strategy document is the roadmap of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in İzmir. It was prepared in cooperation with TEPAV (Economic Policy Research Foundation of Türkiye). It is the first entrepreneurship strategy in our country with local resources and local participation.

İzmir Clustering Analysis

The clustering activities carried out to strengthen the competitiveness of the region are managed within the framework of İzmir Clustering Strategy and Analysis, which was established to contribute to the development of the existing and potential clusters.

İzmir Regional Innovation Strategy

The strategy document that determines the R&D and innovation potential of İzmir and includes the action plan to develop this potential is a guide for all regional stakeholders.

Creative Industries Report

This report includes structural analyses of creative industries at regional, national, and international levels with a focus on İzmir.


İzmir Renewable Energy Strategy

The 2013 İzmir Province Renewable Energy Sector Analysis reveals the potential of İzmir in the field of Renewable Energy.

Clean Production (Eco-efficiency) Strategy

This strategy includes the current situation in the region and the steps to be taken to ensure efficient production through eco-efficiency applications.

İzmir Tourism Current State Report

It consists of current state analysis of İzmir’s tourism sector in comparison with other national and international examples.


Civil Society Research

This study, which identifies the current state of the non-governmental organizations of İzmir and includes a road map for the improvement of their institutional capacity, was prepared in cooperation with Ege University Faculty of Communication.

Kent College Labor Force Analysis

This study, which identifies the current state of the non-governmental organizations of İzmir and includes a road map for the improvement of their institutional capacity, was prepared in cooperation with our agency and Ege University Faculty of Communication.

İzmir City Marketing Strategic Plan

The Plan includes a public opinion research, a current situation analysis and city marketing strategies to contribute to the promotion of İzmir.

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