We develop and implement participative tools to mobilize the local potential with a holistic approach for the sustainable development of İzmir.

Established with a decree of the Council of Ministers in 2006 as one of the two pilot agencies in Türkiye, İzmir Development Agency conducts pioneering activities for the sustainable development of İzmir. Aiming to mobilize the local potential based on the principle of participation, İzmir Development Agency prepares İzmir-based regional plans within the framework of national development targets and provides financial and technical support to projects developed to accomplish the main objectives and priorities identified in these plans.

İZKA aims to transform the city into an attraction center by promoting the unique investment environment in İzmir and the business opportunities it offers as a port city to domestic and foreign investors. It aims to position İzmir as a globally recognized destination with its city marketing efforts. İzmir Development Agency, which conducts its activities with an innovative, objective and solution-oriented approach, pursues for a dynamic İzmir that makes the most efficient use of its resources through efforts to achieve social, economic and cultural development.


To become an internationally recognized organization that sets an example in the field of regional policy practices with the knowledge it generates, methods it develops, as well as the original and innovative transformation programs it implements.


To generate information based on Green and Blue Growth approaches and to develop pioneering, original and exemplary projects for İzmir.

Organizational Structure

İzmir Development Agency operates within the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Executive Board is the decision-making body of the Agency. The Board is chaired by the Governor of İzmir and it consists of the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İzmir Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board, CEO of the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry and other three members elected by the Development Council.


Dr. Süleyman ELBAN

The Governor of İzmir – İZKA Chairman of the Board

Dr. Cemil TUGAY

The Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality – Deputy Chairman of İZKA


The Chairman of İzmir Chamber of Commerce


Aegean Region Chamber of Industry Chairman of the Board


Energy Industrialists and Business Association Chairman of the Board of Directors


The Chairperson of İzmir Commodity Exchange

Dr. Faruk GÜLER

Chief Executive Officer of Aegean Free Zone Development & Operating Co.

Mehmet YAVUZ

Secretary General of İzmir Development Agency





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Mehmet YAVUZ

Secretary General of İzmir Development Agency

He was born in 1984 in İzmir. Upon completing his primary and secondary education in İzmir, he graduated from the Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences, department of Political Science and Public Administration in 2006, which he was accepted in 2002, as the top student of the department. In 2007, he started working as an Assistant Planning Expert at the Undersecretariat of the State Planning Organization. In 2012, he was appointed as a Planning Expert. He worked in the higher education and R & D sectors respectively as an Assistant Planning Expert and a Planning Expert respectively. On August 14, 2014, he was appointed as the Head of Education and Culture Department. He continued his duty until his appointment as the Secretary General of İzmir Development Agency on 8 May 2018. Dr. Mehmet Yavuz completed his PhD in Public Administration in 2017 and several of his academic papers were published in peer-reviewed journals. He speaks English. He is married with 2 children.



Our main goal is to become a pioneering actor for the sustainable development of İzmir. Two main notions stand out in this definition. First one is DEVELOPMENT, which is our main goal, and the second one is İZMİR, our region of authority.


The logo is a modern interpretation of the İzmir Clock Tower. It is comprised of 7 vertical lines which represent the 7 core values of our agency and development. The logo highlights our vision to become the symbol for development by incorporating the notion of development with the history of İzmir.