Manufacturing is Going High Tech

Serving leading companies in the defense and aviation industries, Kaan Makina now produces more parts at less cost thanks to a technological transformation supported by our Agency.


Kaan Makina has been manufacturing precision machine parts at its ultra high-tech Kemalpaşa factory since 1982. Reinforcing its sectoral experience and intimate familiarity with innovative manufacturing technologies with machinery investment sponsored by our Agency, Kaan Makina manufactures machine parts for Türkiye’s key aviation companies.


Thanks to the Agency support, Kaan Makina purchased its very first machinery capable of precision manufacturing capability is rapidly improving its production capacity for aviation parts through now 12 high-tech machines at its disposal. The company had a mere 20 employees before the transformation. Now boasting a team of 55 people, including 26 white-collar employees, Kaan Makina’s ever-growing capacity has allowed it to focus its attention on high-level engineering-based R&D efforts.


Kaan Makina applies state-of-the-art technology and intelligent systems at every stage of the manufactory of flawless products at as little cost as possible, and as efficiently as possible, and hopes to secure a competitive edge on a global scale by focusing on the notions of efficiency and effectiveness.


Kaan Makina contributes to İzmir’s competitiveness through its enhanced production capacity thanks to the high-tech machinery it has integrated into its operations.