Meslek Fabrikası Creates Jobs in İzmir

Meslek Fabrikasi (Vocational Factory), implemented by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with the support of our Agency’s guided project, contributes to the development of the regional economy by creating employment in İzmir through vocational training programs that cater to the demands of the local labor market.


Also benefiting from our Agency’s support and guidance was the İzmir City College Project, also launched by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which opened its doors to the public in 2014. The project was born out of the restoration of an old flour mill located in Halkapınar that literarily has witnessed the entire history of the city. Later named “Vocational Factory,” not only does it cater to the occupational needs of various industries, it also creates jobs, and contributes to the region’s economic development.


Aiming to diversify qualified human resources, the Factory offers free training to anyone wanting to either acquire a new profession or hone their professional skills through vocational programs that have been designed with the local market in mind. Thanks to an agreement we’ve signed with İŞKUR İzmir Provincial Directorate, graduates are allocated in companies appropriate to their skill sets as soon as they complete their training.


FabLab, a fabrication lab designed to serve as the face of the Factory, offers free equipment and comfortable workspaces to anyone with a creative streak, IT entrepreneurs, and SMEs looking to make their ideas a reality.


Boosting employment opportunities and contributing to the expansion of the regional economy, Vocational Factory had trained over 10,000 people as of 2019. Additionally, of nearly 3,000 of those trained, 673 currently hold jobs.