We are building a sustainable future to spread clean energy and clean technologies.

Sustainability is of vital importance for İzmir, where the effects of global climate change are clearly observed. For this reason, we, as the Izmir Development Agency, support strategies to prevent the negative effects of climate change on water resources, natural riches and agricultural production in the region, by promoting the use of renewable energy and developing applications that will increase resource efficiency in production.

With the green growth approach aimed at environment oriented sustainable economic development, we aim to convey the support and knowledge required to producers and industrialists to use the regional resources in an environmentally conscious manner. In order to achieve green transformation in our region, we aim to strengthen the investment environment and competitiveness by supporting İzmir’s high potential in agriculture and industrial production, clean energy and clean technologies.


The works carried out by our Agency with the stakeholders, in the fields of resource efficiency, industrial symbiosis and digital transformation have been handled within the framework of a 4-year operational program that will cover the 2021-2024 period. A Resource Efficiency Center is planned to be implemented in cooperation with the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) in order to improve the existing capacity of the region in the specified areas within the scope of İzmir Resource Efficiency Program.

Resource Efficiency Center aims to provide technical support and consultancy for the development and dissemination of sustainable production, industrial symbiosis and digital transformation practices in all sectors, especially industry and agriculture, in the region. The center, having the laboratory infrastructure and equipment not available in the region for common use, will be designed in a way that will bring together those concerned with information and financial resources in identifying and solving needs and problems, as well as awareness-raising and training activities.


İzmir Resource Efficiency Program is designed as two main components:


Industrial Symbiosis

Industrial Symbiosis Component is aimed to implement an industrial symbiosis model, unique to İzmir, will bring businesses together and create collaborations between businesses for the common use of all kinds of resources, including waste, by-products, energy and technology. The program in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) will be the first regional cooperation program established in this field.

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation component in cooperation with RWTH Aachen University European 4.0 Digital Transformation Center, aiming to analyze and develop the level of digitalization of companies in the region and to implement pilot activities to increase regional capacity in this regard.

Green Transformation and Blue Opportunities

Perspective for İZMİR

The Green Transformation and Blue Opportunities Perspective for İzmir study was initiated to create a comprehensive analysis and roadmap for the transformation of İzmir in green and blue growth axes. While revealing the potential of the region in these matters, the study will define how investments and tools such as innovation and entrepreneurship will be used in these processes and how social policies should evolve in this process.

In the perspective document preparation work, an approach from the macro level to the sub-sectors has been adopted. The current problem areas of İzmir’s economy, production structure, natural resource reserves and institutional capacities have been taken into consideration and the areas where the transformation will have the greatest impact have been determined as waste, water and energy. The document that will emerge as a result of the study is expected to be a source for decision makers on the transformation of İzmir on the green and blue growth axis.




87M TL




On resource efficiency, which is determined as the theme of 2021 in agency works, we aim to carry out the following activities in cooperation with the relevant institutions.

  • Emphasizing the importance of resource efficiency and sustainable production tools in quality growth, competitiveness and conservation of natural resources,
  • Dissemination of applications such as industrial symbiosis, eco-efficiency, recycling, waste management,
  • Determination of sectoral potential, problems and solutions,
  • Bringing relevant stakeholders together, sharing experience and creating an environment of decisiveness.


İzmir Agricultural Technology Center Project


Potential and Uses of Geothermal Resources in İzmir


Increasing Production Capacity in Renewable Energy Sector

For Details

İzmir Agricultural Technology Center Project

With the Izmir Agricultural Technology Center (ITTM) guided project, under the leadership of Izmir Commodity Exchange, in partnership with universities, chambers and exchanges in the region, especially the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, we aim to bring agriculture together with technology.

Within the scope of the project, it is planned to establish a Center for the region to be the R&D base of agricultural technologies, to ensure the integration of the agricultural sector with technological developments in a sustainable way.

The center aims to be a base that identifying problems in the field and producing technological solutions by providing training and consulting services, developing agricultural entrepreneurship and application competencies, hosting experimental productions and providing accelerator services.


Potential and Uses Of Geothermal Resources in İzmir

As a result of the project, in cooperation with the Izmir Institute of Technology, we aim to obtain concrete data on the characteristics of geothermal resources in Izmir, the sectors where geothermal resources can be used, and investment opportunities.


Increasing Production Capacity in Renewable Energy Sector

As İzmir Development Agency, we aim to develop Izmir’s renewable energy equipment production capacity and increase investments in this area. We determine the value-added equipment that can be produced with the industrial facilities of our city and prepare pre-feasibility studies and present them to the information of potential investors. In this context as Green Growth Policy Unit we are studying on the following feasibilities:

  • Biogas Plant Feasibilities in Bayındır and Kiraz Dİstricts,
  • Perovskite Solar Cell Pre-Feasibility.

“Best for Energy” Project

The project of the İzmir Development Agency titled BEST for Energy (Boosting Effective and Sustainable Transformation for Energy) is supported within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Directorate General of the European Union and Foreign Relations, Department of EU Financial Programs.

The project aims to support the sustainable energy sector firms in İzmir and to increase their global competition levels. The 2017 Project, was conducted in cooperation with ENSİA on the Development Strategy and Action Plan for the Sustainable Energy Cluster, Energy Cluster Promotion and Internationalization Studies.


For detail

İzmir Eco-efficiency (Clean Production) Program

The Eco-efficiency (Clean Production) Program was conducted to encourage industrial enterprises in İzmir to make their production more environmentally sensitive by using fewer resources. Under the program, 4 pilot implementations were carried out, and then dissemination of the outputs was initiated.

The program was developed through the outputs of the “İzmir Eco-efficiency Strategy” prepared by İzmir Development Agency and TTGV . Within the program process, the pilot companies were trained, clean production studies were prepared and practiced. As a result of the application, we got accomplishment in terms of raw materials use and reducing pollution.


125,8 tons/years


7.285 tons/years


27.049 m3/years


321 tons/years


57.6 tons/years


71.049 M3/years


837,8 TEP*/years


100 tons


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