Call for Participation in Global Entrepreneurship Events

Call for Participation in Global Entrepreneurship Events

Applications are now open for Turkish technology entrepreneurs aiming to introduce next-generation technology products to the world and enter global markets through participation in leading international entrepreneurship events.

As part of the Call for Participation in Global Entrepreneurship Events launched in 2023 under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology; over 100 Turkish startups have been able to enter global markets by participating in entrepreneurship and technology events held in Lisbon, Helsinki, Las Vegas, and Doha, in collaboration with Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), Ankara Development Agency (ANKARAKA), Western Mediterranean Development Agency (BAKA), Bursa Eskisehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA), and Izmir Development Agency (IZKA).

This year, under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and in collaboration with the mentioned 5 Development Agencies, around 100 Turkish technology startups aiming to enter global markets are expected to participate in the following global entrepreneurship and technology events:

  • Web Summit Lisbon, to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from November 11-14, 2024
  • Slush, to be held in Helsinki, Finland, from November 20-21, 2024
  • Consumer Electronics Show (CES), to be held in Las Vegas, USA, from January 7-10, 2025
  • Web Summit Qatar, to be held in Doha, Qatar, from February 23-26, 2025

Event Details:

Web Summit Lisbon: The world’s largest technology conference, with over 70,000 participants from more than 160 countries, 1,200+ investors, 2,600+ startups, 800 speakers, and around 2,500 media representatives. The conference features talks by leading figures in the tech industry and provides a platform for startups to showcase their products and connect with investors. More Information

Slush: A networking event in the startup ecosystem that brings together over 12,000 founders, investors, executives, media, and talented individuals. It is a non-profit organization founded to help create new game-changers in the tech world and support existing entrepreneurs aiming to change the world. More Information

CES: An event organized by the Consumer Electronics Association in Nevada, USA. Since 1967, it has been one of the most important tech fairs globally, where the latest technology products are launched. Startups have the opportunity to showcase their products in a dedicated Eureka Park exhibition area and meet investors. More Information

Web Summit Qatar: Held for the first time this year in Doha, Qatar, with over 15,000 participants from 118 countries, 400+ investors, 1,000+ startups, and about 900 media representatives. This event brings together key figures in the technology and business world, offering significant opportunities for startups looking to enter the Middle Eastern market. More Information

Successful applicants will receive different levels of support for each event:

  • Web Summit Lisbon:
    • 1-day ready stand
    • 3 entry tickets per startup
  • Slush:
    • Half-day ready stand
    • 2 entry tickets per startup
  • CES:
    • Ready stand for the entire event
    • 2 entry tickets per startup
    • Accommodation for 1 room during the event
  • Web Summit Qatar:
    • 1-day ready stand
    • 3 entry tickets per startup

Applicants are expected to carefully review the support scope and specific criteria for each event available on the application form and event websites.

To participate in these events, technology startups must meet the following basic requirements:

  • The startup must be registered in Turkey.
  • The startup must have a strategy targeting global markets.
  • The startup must meet the specific conditions of the event they wish to attend.

The application form, which must be completed in English, consists of the following main sections:

  • Official information about the startup
  • Startup profile
  • Product information
  • Strategy for global markets
  • Information about the event participation team
  • A maximum 1.5-minute introductory video about the startup in English

Turkish technology startups aiming to become global brands can apply to participate in the mentioned events by filling out the application form accessible through the link below by Sunday, June 30, 2024, at 24:00. The results are expected to be announced in July or August.

Application Form Link

Important Reminder: Only applications submitted through the application form during the open call period will be considered. Only the information entered in the application form will be taken into account during the evaluation process. Documents related to the application sent via email or other means after the closing date will not be considered and will not be included in the evaluation.