Blue Growth

Prioritizing the protection of İzmir’s “blue” resources, we are improving its economic and social values.

Within the framework of the United Nations’ ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, we focus on protecting our seas, our blue resources, for today and for future generations, and benefiting from the seas in a way that will strengthen economic and social development by supporting “aquatic life”.


While taking maritime transportation and port services to the center of blue growth in our region, we aim to increase the contribution of these sectors to the city economy and to reinforce the position and power of İzmir ports in the Mediterranean freight and passenger traffic. By targeting the fishing and marine life, ship-recycling, blue energy and coastal tourism sectors forming the blue economy pattern in İzmir, we are trying to build an understanding that significantly reduces environmental risks and ecological shortages, develops sustainable options to utilize coastal potential, and ensures the participation of all affected social groups and sectors in these processes. Thus, we want to create a new generation development story that enhances positive externalities.