Blue Growth

Prioritizing the protection of İzmir’s “blue” resources, we are improving its economic and social values.

Within the framework of the United Nations’ ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, we focus on protecting our seas, our blue resources, for today and for future generations, and benefiting from the seas in a way that will strengthen economic and social development by supporting “aquatic life”.


While taking maritime transportation and port services to the center of blue growth in our region, we aim to increase the contribution of these sectors to the city economy and to reinforce the position and power of İzmir ports in the Mediterranean freight and passenger traffic. By targeting the fishing and marine life, ship-recycling, blue energy and maritime protection and sustainability issues forming the blue economy pattern in İzmir, we are trying to build an understanding that significantly reduces environmental risks and ecological shortages, develops sustainable options to utilize coastal potential, and ensures the participation of all affected social groups and sectors in these processes. Thus, we want to create a new generation development story that enhances positive externalities.


Analysis of the Creative Industries in Turkey at Nuts-2 Regions Level: Focus on İzmir

Recently, there has been growing interest the creative
industries across the world, for three main reasons:
Firstly, they have high potential for growth. Secondly,
they are closely linked with innovation and prosperity.
Thirdly, they contribute to the international competitiveness
of countries.


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Want to explore the Izmir Creative Ecosystem Map?

In light of the ecosystem approach and in consideration of the functions of organisations and institutions that responded to the survey, an İzmir Creative Industries Ecosystem Map has finally done.

İzmir Creative Ecosystem Map has 58 nodes on 3 main levels which is micro, mezzo and macro.

You can filter by functions, if you are looking for in a specific actors on different levels. View the micro level “creative cores” such collectives, creative hubs and events in İzmir.

Browse events, NGO’s, coworking spaces, universities and governmental bodies.

The most vibrant level is micro level and will strenghten with focusing policies on the creative industries in near future.




Current Situation Analysis and Development Perspective of İzmir Ports


Ship Recycling Value Chain Analysis


Underwater Cultural Heritage Inventory of İzmir


The Blue Transformation Opportunities Analysis

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Current Situation Analysis and Development Perspective of İzmir Ports:
With this study, it is aimed to reveal the current situation of the ports for maritime transportation and the development of ports in İzmir, examination of maritime transport in terms of current trends and developments in the world and the development of Turkey’s foreign trade, to make an opportunity analysis and to develop suggestions on how İzmir ports can be positioned in the context of this opportunity analysis.


This positioning will include a vision, capacity proposal, strategies and activities, and the benefits to be provided for the region in case the proposed works are carried out will be defined concretely. With the strategy created, it is aimed to direct and focus the activities and investments of both regional and national actors through valid information and analysis, and to strengthen the regional economy through the role of “being a center of attraction in trade as a whole” in the historical identity of İzmir.

Ship Recycling Value Chain Analysis:
The study is carried out under the title of İzmir Aliağa Ship Recycling Sector Value Chain Analysis. Within the scope of the study, the current situation, infrastructure, basic operation processes, issues that need to be improved and potential risks of the Aliağa ship recycling sector will be examined. With field studies, the knowledge and experience of relevant stakeholders and experts in the sector will be utilized. With the study, sustainable strategic steps that can increase the contribution of the ship recycling sector to the regional economy will be defined, and suggestions and upgrade plans will be developed to increase added value and increase efficiency.

Underwater Cultural Heritage Inventory of İzmir:
In the project, underwater cultural assets will be identified on the coasts of İzmir, which has a speciality in terms of underwater cultural heritage. In addition, suggestions will be developed to bring these assets to underwater cultural tourism, to protect and exhibit them on site.


Within the scope of the project, underwater cultural assets will be detected in field studies to be carried out in Güzelbahçe, Urla, Karaburun and Foça districts, photographs of the finds will be provided where they are located, and sunken areas will be mapped with three-dimensional visualization.


The area, which is considered to be the richest region of the Aegean and the Mediterranean in terms of underwater archeology, has the potential to be a diving area for tourism and sports purposes, underwater ruins and an archeopark due to the presence of many shipwrecks with archaeological value. While benefiting this potential of the area with the study, the findings and data obtained will be able to form the basis for the establishment of a “Naval War History Museum” in Izmir in the medium and long term.

The Blue Transformation Opportunities Analysis:

‘The Blue Transformation Opportunities Analysis’ study was initiated to reduce the existing economic risks and to reveal the economic, environmental and social opportunities that will be created through the transition to blue growth in İzmir in the next 10 years with sustainable technologies, industries and by alternative intervention scenarios. By focusing on Port Services, Ship Recycling and Aquaculture&Fisheries sectors, the study aims to open a new horizon for benefiting from the potentials and opportunities for İzmir’s blue transformation.


The Pre-Feasibility Report On Shipyard Investment for Electric Boat and Yacht Production in İzmir


Feasibility of Establishment of Facility for Cultivation and Processing of Sea Cucumber

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The Pre-Feasibility Report On Shipyard Investment for Electric Boat and Yacht Production in İzmir

In order to contribute to the green and blue growth targets of İzmir, The Pre-Feasibility Report on Shipyard Investment for Electric Boat and Yacht Production has been published. This report is prepared by our Agency in order to determine the viability of the establishment of a shipyard for electric boat and yacht production, to create an investment idea for investors and to provide a basis for detailed feasibility studies.


The pre-feasibility reports can be accessed from the “Investment Opportunities” section under “” portal of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and our Agency’s website.

Feasibility of Establishment of Facility for Cultivation and Processing of Sea Cucumber:

The feasibility study was carried out in order to ensure the continuity of the marine ecosystem in our region and contribute to the production of high value-added products. Within the scope of the study, it is aimed to determine the situation of sea cucumber production, consumption and trade in the world, as well as the status and capacities of sea cucumber hunting and processing facilities in Turkey and Izmir. In connection with the market analysis, the most efficient technology/method in terms of production technology, the facility characteristics and production processes is recommended, and the feasibility situation in İzmir is revealed.


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