Japan’s Hamax to Produce Wind Energy Equipment in İzmir, Turkey

Japan’s Hamax to Produce Wind Energy Equipment in İzmir, Turkey

Japanese firm Hamax Co. Ltd. partnered with Turkish wind equipment manufacturer Ates Celik to produce wind turbine equipment in Turkey’s Aegean province of Izmir.

The joint venture (JV) company, Hamax Europe, established between Hamax Co. Ltd. and Ates Celik will allow expansion of the Japanese firm’s business to Turkey and Europe.

The JV, which will commence its operations in January next year and start production in April, will produce high-tension fasteners and bolts for wind turbines.

The production factory will be located in the Kemalpasa district of Izmir almost 29kilometers from the city center.

This factory will be the second of the Japanese company outside Japan, after it established its first overseas factory in Texas, in the U.S, almost 15 years ago. The Japanese firm already has five factories in its home country.

The Chief Executive Officer of Hamax, Kohhei Hamada, told Anadolu Agency that the company was established over 90 years ago in Nagasaki but the wind marketis not their main industry as it is not big enough in the country. Nonetheless, it constitutes almost 10% of the market in Japan.

The company’s focus in the wind sector is in the overseas market, Hamada explained with the establishment of its factory in Texas to cover this huge market and with its aim to expand to global markets especially in Europe.

Hamada recalled that the company’s first introduction to the Turkish market was five or six years ago when his company met with its Turkish partner, Ates Celik.

“We decided that Turkey has the best location not only for selling our products in the domestic market but for expansion to the European market. Turkey is the second location that we invested after the U.S.,” Hamada underlined.

Having made the investment decision last year, Hamada explained that they are in close contact with Izmir Development Agency’s “Invest in İzmir” branch, the official promotional and supportive governmental institution that promotes foreign direct investment into Turkey and Izmir.

According to Hamada, Izmir was a port of choice for this investment because not only is it similar to the company’s hometown of Nagasaki but it also offers an established infrastructure that can cope with exports to Europe and internationally.

Izmir offers investment attraction for potential customers and also is very advantageous in terms of having local suppliers, a fact that came to light when they met with Ates Celik, Hamada said.

“We feel very comfortable here [in Izmir]. It is very friendly,” he said.

He also hailed the skilled labor force in Izmir and in Ates Celik that will support the company in achieving its investment goals, in particular, specialist engineers

“Ates Celik has engineers specialized in the same field that we are. I think we cancollaborate with Ates Celik on this aspect. But once we set up the company, maybe we can send some main key engineers here,” Hamada explained.

-Initial first phase investment set to be worth over $1 million

Ates Celik Managing Consultant Evren Guldogan also said their company, one of the pioneering firms in the wind energy industry, produces towers and generatorsfor wind energy plants.

“It is very important for us to help develop the domestic industry in the wind sector in line with our government’s targets, and to raise added-value that we created for our customers through providing vertical integration in line with our company’s strategy,” he explained.

This investment through Hamax Europe holds critical importance for the company in bringing Japanese technology and know-how to Turkey and in meeting local demand, Guldogan said.

He said the investment involves several phases, each of which will see the introduction and manufacture of a new product. The first phase with an investment of more than $1 million will see the production of anchor bolts for wind turbines.