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Danish Wind Equipment Producer Resolux Partnered with Turkish Bayramoglu To Produce Turbine Components in Turkey's cities, İzmir and Bursa

07 January 2019

Danish wind turbine tower internals producer Resolux Group partnered with Turkey's industrial manufacturer Bayramoglu to produce internal turbine components in Turkey's western cities of Bursa and Izmir.

The companies have established a joint venture (JV), Resolux Turkey, to focus on the production of turbine internals including cable harnesses, lighting products, various switchboards and boxes, e-modules, elevators, packaging (kitting), and to provide product replacement services.

The Resolux Group, based in Orbaek, Denmark, has more than 20 years of global experience in the manufacture and supply of wind turbine internal components.

The Bursa-based Bayramoglu company has gained 60 years of industrial manufacturing experience in Turkey's fourth-largest city. In 2012, the company made its first imprint in the wind energy sector through mechanical manufacturing. In 2018, Bayramoglu formed its first JV with Barga Industrias from Spain, a company with over 40 years of experience in the wind energy sector, and which serves the global market for the mechanical production of wind turbine internal components.

The facilities planned for Bursa and Izmir have a target to provide internal parts and services to 200 turbines until the end of 2020. For 2021, the target is to double this.

The partners have already completed all production planning with the aim of a manufacturing start by the end of January 2020.

Resolux Turkey Country Manager Okan Uykan told Anadolu Agency that the decision to form this JV was spawned from negotiations held at the beginning of 2019, from which the JV became official in June 2019.

"Our Resolux Turkey team will expand by 2020," he explained through the expansion of Bayramoglu products and services portfolio that will be fully integrated into the manufacturing and supply chain.

Uykan stressed that within the scope of the new JV structure, Resolux Turkey will act as the production hub for the group, which will enable it to become more competitive in its services on the global wind market.

Resolux representatives also participated in the Danish İzmir Wind Energy Delegation organized in 2019 by the Izmir Development Agency and the Consulate General of Denmark in Istanbul.

Source: AA