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İzmir to Become the Center of Creativity

18 June 2020

İzmir University of Economics and the Center for Creative Economy Research Center (IUE + KREA) have teamed up to launch Create In İzmir, a project that aims to transform the city of İzmir into a hub of creativity by generating projects that focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, and the project has been entitled to TRY 17,000,000 (€2.3 million) in funding by the Turkish Ministry of Industry & Technology.

Our Agency has teamed up with the İzmir Tourism Foundation (IZTAV) as well as the Aegean Young Business Association (EGIAD) in order to breathe life into the project. Ms. Sevay İpek Aydin (Director of IEU + KREA) noted that "Create In İzmir was chosen out of over 100 potential national projects. It offered us a golden opportunity to bring greater recognition to İzmir on a global scale, attract creative industries to the city, and venture into more strategic activities.

Within the scope of the European Commission Competitive Sectors Program Creative Industries Fund, the Turkish Ministry of Industry & Technology has contributed a tremendous amount to Create in İzmir, which will make every effort to not only support but also digitalize every project and collaboration of an entrepreneurial and/or innovative nature, always pushing forward for the better. Part of this will include the commissioning of reports that will individually assess and address what İzmir-based firms and companies need.

Sector-based lobbying, R&D studies for the city, and various panels and meetings at both national and international levels to be attended by foreign delegates will also fall within the scope of the project. Collaborative efforts will be made to launch new projects bolstered by İzmir’s ever-growing potential. Furthermore, a comprehensive action plan will be created that promotes these projects in as effective a manner as possible. Create In İzmir will take all necessary steps to enable companies to access funding when and wherever they need it—this includes opening the doors for an influx of foreign investment to İzmir.


              Ms. Sevay İpek Aydın (Manager of IUE + KREA) recently stated that İzmir's 8,500-year past coupled with its umpteen wonderful characteristics makes it one of the most promising cities in the world. She added that her organization has been analyzing the creative industries in İzmir, noting that they plan to roll out a much-needed action plan for İzmir within the next two years:

 Ms. Aydın noted that “The Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology currently oversees the relevant funding of the European Commission in Turkey. The key distinguishing criterion to secure the funding was that the program supports not only urban development, but also high quality, strong digital transformation in line with contemporary needs. The Ministry receives countless project proposals during any given year. Before it decides upon who/what to support, the Ministry first scrutinizes the particulars of each project down to the very last detail. One such project to get the green light is Create In İzmir. The brainchild of our collaborative efforts with IZKA, IZTAV, and EGIAD, we are of the firm belief that Create In İzmir will contribute so much to our city. What the project sets out to do, in essence, is to put (local) products and services from across all industries and sectors into a more powerful, and thereby unique position. It will enable individuals and corporations alike to pour their skills and talents into more creative industrial endeavors.”


Aydın also commented that: “America's own Silicone Valley is world-renowned for its truly unique atmosphere, a source of inspiration for creative ideas. It is, in a sense, the be-all and end-all hub of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. We asked ourselves, “If Silicone Valley can achieve that, then why can't İzmir?” We've set out to transform İzmir into a place where informatics and design intersect. We at the same time want İzmir's creative minds to remain in İzmir. Our project likewise aims to make İzmir into a meeting point for those who are engaged in creative industries. And, as icing on the cake, the Create In İzmir has been designed to be entirely digital. Doing this ensures that COVID-19 has no chance of penetrating the project, meaning that its full speed ahead for us without even the slightest disruption."